Hello World!

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Hello, World!

This is the compulsary first post on my new blog.

For those curious, I’ve built the blog using GitHub Pages for hosting and the Minimal Mistakes theme for Jekyll for the layout and internals.


Here’s some code so I can get the syntax coloring the way I want it:

/// <summary>
/// The alphabet.
/// </summary>
public static Dictionary<Tuple<char, FontSize>, string[]> Alphabet { get; private set; }

/// <summary>
/// Generates a larged, stylized string of characters corresponding to the input phrase.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="phrase">The phrase to generate.</param>
/// <param name="size">The size of the font to use.</param>
/// <returns>A string array containing the stylized output.</returns>
public static string[] GenerateStyled(string phrase, FontSize size = FontSize.Large)
  string[] r = new string[(int)size + 2];
  string[] g = Generate(phrase, size);

  r[0] = header;

  for (int i = 1; i <= (int)size; i++)
    r[i] = linePrefix + g[i - 1];

  r[(int)size + 1] = footer;

  return r;


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